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By laceylee, Jan 25 2016 03:21PM

Do you often feel as if there are not enough hours in the day? Is your hectic schedule getting in the way of sticking with your workouts and eating healthy? You are not alone. I am here to help make sure that when your schedule gets a little crazy, you don’t forget about the most important person - YOU!

The other week, I posted a blog “No Excuse Workout” to ensure you have NO EXCUSE when “life” gets in the way of you thinking you cannot workout. NOW, let’s make sure you don’t let a hectic schedule get in the way of healthy eating. Or at least - healthIER eating.

Here’s the thing: we have to eat. When we are rushing around, feel strapped for time and/or are stressed - it’s easy to go for quick, easy food options. Have you noticed that going the “easy route” typically” a bad/unhealthy choice? Guess what?! It doesn’t have to be!! Remember my tip (blog titled “5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain” on November 29th) about placing sticky notes in places you are often with questions that will force you to stop and think before making a decision? If you have not tried this tip yet, try it. It will make a big difference. For example: place a note on a box of cookies saying - “Is this going to get me closer to achieving my goals?” Or something to put in your car for those drive-thru moments - “To burn off an order of large french fries, I would have to do 524 burpees!” (this is true) or “You will be just as satisfied with a grilled chicken sandwich.”

I am a fan of making meals at home but I also know that is not for everyone. Which I totally understand because I used to be that person. Of course making your meals at home is always going to be the healthiest option but if you eat every meal out, you CAN eat healthy. You just have to know what those options are and then the hardest part - actually making that healthy decision.


Luckily over the years, many fast food, restaurants, etc. have made great efforts towards providing healthier options. So believe it or not - there ARE healthy options when it comes to fast food/convenience food. The key is knowing what those choices are and then MAKING THAT CHOICE.


Knowledge is power!! I cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself on the nutrition facts of foods. To get started in your educational journey start by researching the nutrition facts on the foods/drinks to the places you frequent. Although you may not be able to get exact number from certain restaurants you can get an idea which is just as valuable. For example: You like to get the caesar salad for lunch at the restaurant by work. Simply search for “Caesar Salad nutrition facts” - and viola - you have an idea.


I cannot stress enough the importance of planning. When you have a meal/eating plan – chances are you will not deviate from that plan. Knowing what and when you will eat are crucial elements to staying on track. Take a moment to think about what the next day entails before going to bed. Then plan accordingly. Know what you will have for breakfast. Even if that means grabbing a banana and almonds on your way out. Do you need to pack your lunch and snacks the night before? If you know you have a lunch/dinner meeting – know where you are going and what you will order. Most restaurants/fast food websites have their menus listed. By knowing what you are going to order, you will (hopefully) not let your stomach make the decision….which we all know will not be as healthy. If you know you are going to do take-out/delivery – choose a place that provides a healthy option and plan on what you will choose. Hunger is a very powerful feeling and it WILL override any “good intention” you had which is why planning what you will order/eat is crucial.


This is also a prepare and plan situation. Keep snacks in your car, purse and/or at your desk. It is so easy to get caught up in our day and before you know it, you have gone a long period of time without eating. You want to get into the habit of eating every 3-4 hours. By doing this, you keep your blood sugars level which keeps you thinking clearly and energized. Think of it like adding wood to a fire. You have to keep adding wood as the fire goes down in order to keep it going. Same thing goes for your body. Plus it will prevent you from letting hunger override your healthy intentions. Place almonds, trail mix, fruit, etc. in portion control bags. Key word is PORTION control bags as this will keep you from eating more than you intend.

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