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The Lacey Lee fitness mission is to provide a convenient, comfortable, and private fitness environment where every person can achieve their personal fitness and nutritional goals.  Lacey Lee Fitness is committed to making sure every client has the tools and support to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is realistic for everyday living.  Through the unique Lacey Lee Fitness approach every client can create a healthy living and fitness plan to last a lifetime.

Norfolk became my new home in 1996 when I came to play tennis for Old Dominion University.  Figuring out what to “major” in was a no-brainer.  But did I know exactly what I wanted to do?  No.  To be honest, I thought I was going to play and/or teach tennis for the rest of my life.  Unfortunately, life threw me a curve ball when a fracture in my spine along with some herniated discs sidelined my tennis career, forever.  Shortly after I was told I could never play tennis again… I was placed in a body cast.  Luckily the major I chose, Commercial Recreation, required my last semester to be an internship – where I was introduced to the fitness center environment and personal training as a career.  I was sold, and passionate about the knowledge, support, and the gift of healthy living I could introduce to the public.

Fast forward 19 years and here you have me - Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, Nutritional Consultant and owner of Lacey Lee Fitness. My journey to a healthy lifestyle has been just as tumultuous and challenging as anyone else's. It continues to this day as I battle Chronic Lyme Disease.

The lack of education and understanding of what healthy living encompasses, compounded by chronic pain from my debilitating back injury were key factors in the struggles I once faced.  I know what it looks like. At first meeting or glance you see a fit, thin, athletic girl. People see me in my roles as Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instrutor and as a Nutritional Consultant.  They feel my energy and positive outlook on life. They assume, “She has never had a weight problem, has had no issues with working out, and has always lived a healthy lifestyle.”  Then they get to know me, and my story.  They soon realize I’ve been where they are; I’ve dealt with weight issues, life has thrown numerous curve balls my way, etc.Establishing a common ground with my clients allows me to give them hope and proof that a healthy lifestyle is in their reach and can be achieved.  


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